Friday, February 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life

Today over a Kelly's Korner she is having a Show Us Your Life - Hair & Beauty Tips. Well I have naturally curly hair. It's big, it's frizzy and it's my prize procession!!! Ha!

How do I get my hair this curly? First I make sure it's watered down with cold water (helps with moisture). Then I brush it out. I flip it upside down and then apply a lot of mousse ( I use the Rave brand). Then I add a nickel amount of L.A. Look Mega hold hair gel. Then still upside down I take a towel and scrunch it a bit and then I spray it with Rave mega hold hairspray. Then I dry it with a blow dryer with a diffuser. It normally takes about 5 minutes to dry and then I finally flip my hair back over. I add more hairspray it needed and that's how you get big, curly, Texas hair!!!

Sometimes I do go straight, but very rarely. It takes forever to straighten my hair, like 2 hrs! I use a chi when I do straighten it! Plus Justin prefers it curly! It was so funny, when I first met Justin I was wearing my hair straight. Then on our first date I showed up with it curly. I wasn't sure if he would like it because it is such a big difference, but he loved it! Lucky me!!!

As for make-up...some products I can't live without are Neutrogena Healthy Defense daily moisturizer. It has a light tint and SPF 30. Bonus! I use this instead of foundation. It's light and good for your skin. Double Bonus!!! I also use that famous mascara in that pink and green tube! Ha! Oh, and a new thing I just fell in love with is Nivea Kiss of Moisture Essential Lip Care. This too protects your lips from the sun and looks like you have gloss on, but it's not greasy! Justin even uses it while at work and there are always coupons for it. You can find it at the stores by the chapsticks and lip care products!

Stop on by Kelly's Korner and check out more Hair and Make-up tips!!!


  1. Hmmm...I may have to go check out more tips. I don't use a lot of makeup but I'd like to start. And I wish my hair was curly! I've permed it like 5 times in my life and everytiem it lasts, oh maybe a month? I hate straight hair *sigh* But my 3 year old daughter has curly hair so she better watch out, momma is gunna be doing her hair lots! LoL. I love the pictures of yoru new puppy by the way :) And I love your blog too! :) I'm a new follower courtesy of Friday Follow and I'm excited to be a new follower.

  2. Hey girly,
    I am sooo glad you joined in on the FUN! Your hair is sooo super cute! I love it curly or straight! If I didn't have my Chi Iron I would be a HOT MESS LOL! I can't believe it takes like 2 hrs to straighten your hair....
    I found that VS So Sexy Shine Serum does wonders when straightening too.

    Thanks for the Neutrogena tip....I am gonna get that....ya know I have to be sooo careful with my skin with this disease stuff....
    Happy Friday "Bloggy Friend" LOL
    Summer :0)

  3. I left you a little award on my blog today!

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Okay you have the most beautiful hair ever, it truly is gorgeous!! My hair is stick straight and it will NOT hold curl at all. Thanks for the tip about the Neutrogena!! Neutorgena products are awesome!! Thanks for sharing your favorites.. love the pics!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi I am just stopping by from Friday Follow! You have a great blog.

  6. Following you from the Friday Follow!

  7. Very cute blog! Stopping in from Friday follow!

  8. I have been fighting wavy/frizzy hair my entire life trying to make it straight- Maybe I should try to go the other direction and let it be curly! Cute blog!

  9. Thanks for answering back! I guess I forgot to follow, but now I am!