Thursday, February 4, 2010


Last Saturday night we got our new puppy Miley. She's so little and too cute! We got her from Justin's parents. She's a mini chocolate dachshund. We got her name from Hannah Montana. We were all throwing names out and Jaxon suggested Hannah Montana and I thought that was a little much, so I said let's just call her Miley. Everyone liked it, but Ethan! Majority rules!

She wines alot and is already spoiled. She wants to be held or cuddled all the time. I think she's starting to warm up to us because she is becoming more and more playful everyday. Justin's thrilled that she has even learned to crawl into his chair! Ha! I've noticed she has a thing for socks too. She went into our master bedroom and found one of Justin's sock and brought it into the living room. The sock was 4 times her size. This morning she even took Evan's sock off his foot for him!

Jaxon loves her so much. But we have to keep an eye on him because he loves her a little too hard. He gets excited when he picks her up (most of the time he holds her upside down! Ha!).

The only member of the family not to fond of Miley is Boogie our cat!!! Ha!

Well I'm off to do my 8 trillion loads of laundry! Why do little boys change their clothes so much? I thought that was a girl thing! Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. Oh my word, that puppy is PRECIOUS!! So very cute! Hope your family enjoys the new baby =)

    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment!

  2. AHHHHH!!!!! She is so cute!!!!! What a little sweetie!
    I'm so surprised that she lets your little one hold her. Most little dogs run from small kids.
    Be careful though. I've heard horror stories about dachshunds breaking their backs when they were dropped by little kids. Scary!

    Have fun with your new baby. She is adorable!

  3. Awww! Miley is adorable!

    Congrats on your newest addition!


  4. Miley is just too cute! Funny about the socks LOL
    Maybe Boogie and Miley will be BFF's someday soon Ha! Ha! Who knows....

    Have a great Thursday
    Summer :0)

  5. That is amazing how your little guy is holding Miley! So cute! I hope he is sleeping through the night for you - I hear puppies are like infants!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - and I too was worried the toothpicks would turn into weapons but they were too busy poking their food. Maybe next time!

  6. She's too cute! And the clothes thing??? I ask my husband this question every single week. I swear he changes clothes 5 times a day!!

  7. Baby+fur baby=cutest thing ever!