Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"What's that bright thing in the sky?"

Yep you guessed it, it was the sun!!! We haven't seen it in such a long time. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. So since Ethan was playing hooky from school I sent the boys to the back yard to play! They were in need of some good old fashion vitamin D. They decided to make parachutes for their army guys and throw them off the swing set.

Evan was even running in and out with just his diaper on! That's how warm it was!!!

They played for a good 2 hours or so, but that was it! Why, you ask. Well all of a sudden Ethan was calling me to go outside to see something. As soon as I walked out side I saw Evan climbing up the slide to the swing set. Great that's like a 6-7 foot fall!!! Okay that was enough playing outside for the day.

Well at least they got a chance to play outside for a while. Now it's in the 40's here and the high for the rest of the week is supposed to be in the 50's. What is going on with this weather! Hey I'm happy though it's not the crazy blizzard & snow everyone else is getting. Hope y'all have a warm & cozy Tuesday!!!


  1. What's that bright thing in the sky? More like what's that green stuff on the ground?! This is that time of year it amazes us all in the northland that seasons actually change this early in the rest of the country. :)

    Looks fun!

  2. Wow! It must have been warm for a diaper only attire. I am so ready for some sun around here. We got more snow last night. But not the snow that some people got. we just got a few inches. No school closings though and my kids were so disappointed about that. :)

  3. OMG girl! I am sooo glad ya'll had great weather! Where do you live?? We are having crummy snowy slushy yuck stuff LOL....

    Your kids are sooo cute! I am so ready for some sun and spring time....Cabin fever bad....

    Have a great day
    Summer :0)

  4. Hey there!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment! LOVE your blog. Four boys....wow...what sweet blessings!

    I look forward to following you and your family!

  5. So fun! It's supposed to be colder here, too--brrrr! So ready for spring and warm weather. It's freezing here today. Boo!


  6. Yay for sunshine! That little Evan is quite the daredevil. :)

  7. thanks for the post!! Youre little men are SOOO cute! you have your hands full! Im jealous! Ive always wanted four boys! And if I ever have a girl she will be named-- Hattie! Your post caught my eye bc i have always loved the name Hattie! i look forward to reading!!!

  8. My lil' dude goes nutso when it's raining and he can't go outside all day. He tried to run past me in nothing but his diaper out in to the rain the other day!

  9. Green grass!!! Oh how I miss green grass!

    Love your blog! Just stopped over from the comment you left on The Snyder 5. Our pastor has a saying similar to your blog title. It's "God Bless 'em" for when you see people doing crazy things like cutting you off in traffic, instead of getting mad, you just say that instead.

    Nice to meet you! I'm your newest follower :-)

  10. We are currently weathering the snowstorm here. Enjoy the nice weather. ;)

  11. Yesterday was gorgeous out here too and now rain. Great pics, your little guy is very creative making parachutes for his army men

  12. Your kids are so adorable. I miss seeing little guys in diapers.

    Welcome to the Friday Follow. I'm your newest follower. So glad to have you with us. I'm way behind but here I am.