Thursday, February 11, 2010


These are a couple of Jaxon sayings that I pulled from my facebook page. That kid cracks me up!

"sniff, sniff" Jaxon, "Hey you know what that sound is?" Me,"Yeah it's your nose. You have a cold." Jaxon,"NO. It's my boogers. They've melted." Hahahahaha! Gross!

Jaxon walked into the living room w/ some paper w/ letters he scibbled on it. He asked, " What do this spell?" I said," I don't know. You tell me. You wrote it." Jaxon - " How am I supposed to know. I can't read." Ha!

Jaxon walked into the living room and said,"It stinks in here. Who farted?" Then he went back to his room. He walked right back into the living room & said, " I guess it was me because the smell follows me everywhere I go." Ha! Stinky little boys!

Jaxon heard on the news, "Help for Haiti." He wanted to know why there was a place named like me and why they needed help. I need to get the child's ear checked!

Earlier this morning...Jaxon,"I know it's your b-day, but I'm not telling u what I got u." Me,"Well it's my b-day now, so u can tell me what u got me." Jaxon,"No I can't tell u b/c I didn't get u anything." I guess u could say he gave me a good laugh!!!

"Guess who I'm thinking of. She's on TV and speaks spanish." Me - "Dora." Jaxon - " No. Kilan." Me - "Kilan doesn't speak spanish. She speaks chinese." Jaxon - "It's the same thing. They both sound funny."

Today's Jaxon-ism, "Oh my! It's snowing ice!" I had to explain to the poor child it was hailing and no he could not go outside to play in it!

This morning when we went outside to take Ethan to school Jaxon saw the fog and said, " Look! The colors are faded!" I've never thought of it that way!

Jaxon just asked me , " Why do we have a diamond room?" He was trying to say dining room, but I like the way he thinks!!!


  1. Hattie,
    Thanks for this post! Totally made my day! I was drinking my Diet Coke and just totally spewed it out of my mouth laughing out loud at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Jaxon-ism....That kid is clever....Love IT....Funny Funny Funny
    Thanks for this....
    Summer :0)

  2. Haha! He's too adorable girl!

    I love the color fading--that's a really neat way to look at it!


  3. Stinky boys is right! He's precious. Love the hair. We just cut all of my oldest boy's hair off. I miss it!

  4. lols!

    ahhh, boys. i am kind of frightened yet mostly cracked up and intrigued... i will have to consult you for advice.

    look how cute that hair is! love it!

  5. Ha ha, this is like a little glimpse into what I have to look forward to when my boys get bigger! Too cute!

  6. Little Boys--you gotta love 'em! Those were very cute Jaxson-ism's. He will love them when he gets older. He'll say, no way, I never said stuff like that! And then you can pull out your list!

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  9. Haha! Too funny!

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