Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saturday Night @ The Hop

Saturday we didn't just celebrate the boys birthday it was also Justin's parents 34th Anniversary! So after the party my mom stayed with the boys while we went to The Hop, a local night club, to celebrate.

It was so entertaining. The age group of patrons at the Hop are 45 and up! It was so funny to watch these older drunk people get down!!! My cheeks hurt so bad the next day from laughing so hard.

These are some pics of Justin's mom, uncle and aunts breakin' it on down on the dance floor!!!

Chachi (Justin's mother) even said she thinks she did something to her knee that night. Sunday morning she woke up and it was all swollen!

Everybody had a great time! Yesterday morning Justin's cousin Melissa and her two kiddos came over for a visit and to play with the boys. They had so much fun playing together. I just wish I felt a little better. At first I thought I had caught Justin's cold, but I'm just achy. So I'm thinking it might just be allergies. My whole body feels like it's bruised and hurts when I move or am touched. Oh well I hope it goes away soon. Hope y'all have a Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. AND meant to say...Love your hair! Wish I could grow my long!

  2. I hope you feel better!! It looks like you all had a blast. :)

  3. Hope you feel better! The Hop looks like fun!

  4. Girl your hair looks so good! LOL about the Hop! I bet that was fun people watching....oh and drunk people watching is even better LOL....
    Happy Anniversary to your in laws....glad you had a great time!

    Your little boy is just precious! Feel better soon will say a prayer for you friend

    Summer :0)

  5. Hope you feel better!

    Looks like you had a blast! Hope you have a great Tuesday!


  6. hope you feel better....loks like you had a blast!! Love your hair by the way!!! Its beautiful! have a great day!

  7. I always laugh when I see my parents dancing or getting down like that. So funny to see....but you know, that will probably be us a little ways down the road. And then our kids will be laughing at us!
    Sounds like a fun weekend. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  8. hope you feel much much better! he hop sounds like a hoot and a hollar! how fun!!! adorable pics of the kiddos.

  9. I love those types of bars! Everyone is always so happy and laid back.

    At first I thought you were talking about IHop when I saw your post title :)

    Hope you feel better hun. Being sick is the worst!!

  10. feel better! looks like a FUN night!!!

  11. Hi, i LOVE dancing, i'm going to be one of those over 45's one day. You know the saying...
    'Dance like no one's watching'.... That's me :)

  12. oh my gosh!! how much fun!!! i too would like to be the dancing over 45's someday...

    feel better soon!!!