Sunday, March 14, 2010

Women Only Birthday Club

Saturday I went with my mom to her and my Great Aunt Betty's birthday party. Every year the women on my mom's side of the family get together as a women only birthday club. They celebrate each others birthday's throughout the year. It's so much fun. They laugh, eat and play a card bingo game. Everyone also gets the the birthday girl a card with $10 inside. I'm not part of the club right now because it's hard for me to make the birthday parties with the boys and with them playing sports on the weekends. But I was able to go yesterday and it was so much fun to see everyone! I took Evan with me too (he was the only male at the party)!

Evan danced and clapped. He just ate up all that attention.

My mom and my Aunt Betty in their birthday ears!!!

This is me and my Aunt Darla. I just love her to pieces. She's like a loud & fun Martha Stewart! This woman can do it all!

I had so much fun at the party. I hope y'all had a great Saturday & have a relaxing Sunday too!


  1. You are so pretty girly! I just love your hair! Wish mine looked like that! Evan is a cutie patootie!! Him and Kelcee look like they have the same dance moves....LOL must be a toddler thing! Love his little rebel shirt....very cute!!

    That birthday club sounds fun and I bet Evan enjoyed all the attention being he was the only little guy there!!

    Those cupcakes look I am in the mood for some Ha Ha....

    Summer ;0)

  2. You are adorable!! So is Evan!

    My family does the women birthday thing and it's so much fun. Where do you live in TX? We moved from North TX two years ago and I miss wearing flip-flops year round!

  3. The birthday club idea for the women in the family is an awesome idea! Love those pics of Evan. He is so stinkin' cute!!!

  4. LOL about tha song I start singing it too everytime I see the link to link up....I am like you I don't know anything besides the first part hahahaha.....I asked the hubs and he doesn't know either....he kinda looked at me wierd when I started singing it LOL....

    Hope you have a great evening
    Summer ;0)

  5. I too am in love with your hair!! LOL I love women only parties or maybe it's the cupcakes!!

  6. That seriously sounds like SO much fun! Women only parties rock!

    Love the pictures--you are gorgeous!!

  7. aww i love their birthday ears!! :)

  8. hattie!
    thanks so much for following my blog!!

    i love that you are a gorgeous momma of FOUR (gasp!!) boys!
    evan is beyond edible in my opinion! could eat him up!!!!! lil rebel indeed!!

    following for sure!