Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In


My bloggy friend Maria over at Two Hearts Made Four started a fitness plan last week. Well I decided to play along because I need to get my big booty in shape! I lot of people (who I love) have left comments that I don't need to lose weight, but I seriously do. If y'all have ever noticed I mostly take pictures from my chest & up. That way you can't see my wider parts! Ha! God blessed me with a thin face!

Okay back to the weight...I started this past Monday ( I had to go grocery shopping before I could start the diet). Basically the plan is...for breakfast I eat oatmeal (w/ fruit, I hate plain oatmeal), then for lunch I eat tuna mixed in with a large salad, then late afternoon I'll have a healthy snack like fruit or veggie sticks, then  for dinner I have fish or chicken with tons of veggies (sometimes I'll add so brown rice) and finally I'll sometimes have a small (1 oz.) piece of dark chocolate or a pudding snack (to help me sweet tooth). Also Maria said she drinks a gallon of water. This was hard for me to do Monday, so I drank 1/2 gallon of water and 1/2 gallon of a crystal light peach tea mix.

Then for the exercise...I've been doing Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred. LOVE IT!!! I'll do this for the first week by it's self to get my body used to working out then I'll add more on. All in all I want to do the dvd and then add a cardio/weight mix in for about an hour.

Well there you have it! So far it's working. I dropped 2lbs. since Monday! I'm not posting my starting weight yet b/c it is crazy high. Maybe I'll be brave enough when I lose it all! Ha! Well I'm off to run some errands on my "day off". Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!


  1. Yay for you!

    I love black bean salsa with a can of tuna in a whole wheat pita. Mix it with a little olive oil and pepper, YUM! I make a ton of it and eat it all week for lunch. Good luck with your diet!

  2. Yay girly! Congrats on already loosing 2 lbs....that is awesome! I think you look great now....I heard the Shred work out really shows results!

    I'm not a fan of plain water either although I do heart Crystal Light mix....hahahahah

    Good Job girly....

    Summer :0)

  3. Good Luck my Dear!! I hope it comes off quick and painlessly!

  4. Great job on losing 2 pounds. I need to get myself in gear to lose some weight myself. Help me Lord! :)

  5. I am tyring to start a diet today, so of course "I feel your pain". Fortunately it is a gorgeous day here and exercise will be no problemo. Good luck!

  6. That's great!! I too need to diet but I'm going to start on Monday...after all the Easter goodies!! lol..
    I wish I could eat tuna like that..but I need mayo and that's not in the diet!!
    I would miss iced tea or diet soda. I like water but need either of those 2 drinks!
    Good luck and I'll be anxious to see your updates!

  7. So happy for you!!!

    I know you can do it--I'm trying this week. I seriously cannot wait for Easter and the candy to be out of my home.


  8. That's so awesome! Way to go! :)

    I wish I shared your love for the Shred. I feel like I was beat up every time I workout to that video.

  9. YAY!!!!! You did it!!!! I forgot to post mine yesterday but I was just fixing to and saw that you did!!! Thank you for joining in!!! This is going to be fun doing it togther!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Like everyone else said are gorgeous and dont need to lose weight, but I sure do.......and its fun having a partner!!!AWESOME about the half of gallon and thats what I have to do sometime myself...half it with crystal lite! Really all the same!You are doing the same diet im doing!!! You are really going to notice a huge difference with in days! Promise!!!!AWESOME about the 2 lbs!!!!! WAY TO GO pretty girl!!!!!woo hoo!!!